I’ve made some good progress this week. I’m on deadline with some side work I’ve been doing, and I’ve been steadly pounding out words for my current work in progress. I was up at five this morning and managed 200 words before it was time to get ready for work. Lunch today was a wash, but I will have some time before group tonight to write. If I can manage to get up early every day, with lunch and whatever extra time I can steal at night, I should be able to manage a few hundred words a day. Sure, it’s no thousand words a day, but it’s positive momentum.

Tonight my short story Shaken, not Stirred is up for review. It’s the first science fiction story I’ve written in a while. It’s not a very serious story, but it was fun to write. I’m not even sure what a good market for it would be, but I’m sure I can get some suggestions from the group on that. I also need to start researching markets for cyberpunk short stories. I know that I’ve seen some stories in Asimov’s that I would consider cyberpunk (to some degree). That seems to be my kick recently, and I want to get some stories sent out soon.

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