Another brick in the wall…

…and another day at the grindstone and not an inch closer to where I want to be.

I haven’t written any new words on Mirror, Mirror. I’m not entirely confident that I’ll have a first draft ready for group next week. Several things have contributed to the lack of output, including a flu and a six-block power outage that knowed out the lights (and servers) at work yesterday that kept me here several hours longer than I’d planned. Having battery backups to keep servers running in case of a short outage is one thing. Keepign servers up during a two+ hour outage is another. I suspect we’ll be investing in a generator of some kind soon.

I have slowly been cutting on Shaken, not Stired, finally getting it closer to a marketable word length. I’m starting on a its rewrite now. I should make some decent progress coming soon.

This weekend I’ll be attending Penguicon in Warren, Michigan. It’s a combonation Science Fiction convention and Linux expo. I’ll even be sitting on a panel about blogging, along with Rob Malda of Slashdot fame and Jorge Castro, a buddy from Ars Technica’s irc server. Terry Pratchett is going to be one of the Guests of Honor. I hope I have the chance to meet him.

Congrats to Trey, who sold his story "On Maple Hill" to Fortean Bureau. Trey also informed me of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, which is another possible market for my short-short that I’m revising.

I’ll be leaving for Michigan on Friday afternoon, and I’ll have wireless internet access from my room, if all goes well at the con. I’m going to do a bit of writing while I’m out, since I morph into a insomniac when I’m travelling. Hopefully I’ll even get some pictures from the con posted while I’m there.

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