Frozen in time

I feel like I’ve been idling these past few weeks, treading water but making no real progress. Work has picked up and is once again reaching a critical mass – the development plan looks big enough to occupy a dozen highly trained programmers, not just me. It’s all interesting, well-designed stuff (because I designed it), but I find myself wishing that I had at least one or two qualified programmers to delegate work to. It’s hard to keep up.

I spent last weekend at Penguicon. In a nutshell, if the universe were empty save for two masses of primordial goo, one being science fiction and the other Linux geeks, Penguicon was the big bang that brought them together. I’ve been to both types of conventions seperated, but never one that combined the two ideas. It was an interesting excercise, and I think it’ll be suceessful because of the level of overlapping interests between the two genres. At some time down the road I’ll be writting an essay that deals with some of the finer aspects of the Linux crowd.

I’m still working on edits for Shaken, not Stirred. It’s down to 600 words now, and I want to trim at least another hundred. I’m also doing a fair bit of revising, but keeping the core of the story intact. I’m going to finish the edits and have it sent out to Analog by the end of the weekend, or else.

I fell behind on new writing, unfortunately. I had originally said I wanted to have something submitted to group this week (tonight), but that isn’t going to happen. Once Shaken, not Stirred is sent out I’ll be finishing Mirror, Mirror and submitting to group. That will be ready for the next meeting in two weeks.

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