Day 5 – Ohakune NZ, December 6, 2003

We decided to skip the granola breakfast served at the bed and breakfast. Four of us walked downtown and hit the McDonalds. McDonald’s food is pretty much the same wherever you go. The bacon, I was surprised to see, was actually crispy unlike the rest of the bacon I’ve had here. They also had a super Sausage McMuffin, which was double the meat and cheese. Afterwards we headed back and checked out of our rooms. Today was the start of our road trip and we were all excited to leave.

We drove through some of the most beautiful countryside that I’ve ever seen. Fields of green with fluffy white dots of sheep grazing filled the landscape. We even saw several deer farms. We passed a sign pointing to an Emu farm. Apparently we’ll see some when we reach the south island next week.

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