Day 6, Rotorua NZ — December 7, 2003

We made the trip up the mountain to the land of Mordor today. The Whakapapa area, where Mordor was filmed, is home to one of the few active volcanoes in New Zealand. The dark, rocky landscape was filled with the constant aroma of sulpher and ash. It was little wonder they chose this area for filming Mordor.
Unfortunately I caught a bit of travelers flu today. I wasnÂ’t able to climb up the mountain with the rest of the group, opting instead for a nap in the car. The rest of the day was a wash for me, too sick to do anything but sleep and moan.
After the mountain we stopped at the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute for a bit of shopping. While most of the group went inside, the rest checked us in to the hotel and dropped me off so I could sleep in something a bit more comfortable than the back seat of a station wagon.

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