podlet – preferences

I spent my lunch figuring out how to use Glade2 and Perl. Gtk2::GladeXML makes it painfully easy to integrate Glade components.

I have a big chunk of the framework in place and I’ve started attaching widgets. First on the plate is the preferences dialog. The first tab sets the stage about how we’ll recognize and communicate with the iPod. Automatic mounting, or discovery, will use DBUS and HAL to know when the iPod is attached and mounted. Manual will simply probe the mount point and wait for the iPod to be mounted. There are two supported formats – iTunes and GNUPod. GNUPod is great if you only use your iPod with Linux, but if you ever want to sync between Windows, Linux, and a Mac, stick with the iTunes format.

podlet preferences
Gtk2 pretty. Glade2 rocks.

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