EMP 0.1.0 – “Ring of Fire”

After a fair amount of work, I’m happy to announce the release of EMP 0.1.0, aka “Ring of Fire”. The code is stable to the point that I can use it on a daily basis, though it’s far from perfect.

EMP 0.1.0

There are plenty of bugs to be found. If you think you’ve found one, pop over to Zarro Boogs and file a bug report. It would be helpful (especially if the bug involves your music library) to include ~/.config/emp/library.xml. I expect to release new builds every couple of days, as i fix bugs and add features.

I realized that I’m using a glib function that’s only available in 2.6.x. I’m going to change that call for 0.1.1, so if you get a linker like this: /home/ken/src/emp-0.1.0/src/library.c:28: undefined reference to `g_get_user_config_dir’, you’ll need to wait for 0.1.1

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2 thoughts on “EMP 0.1.0 – “Ring of Fire”

  1. It looks your EMP project is going pretty well. I wasn’t able to compile because of the glib function, so I cant wait for the next release 🙂
    Is is also possible to do anonymous CVS checkouts?

  2. The next release should come down this weekend. I’m rewriting the gstreamer interface, to fix some bugs that I ran into. It also fixes that glib problem and a few other things. I will get anonymous cvs setup sometime soon. I just need to figure out how to enable it 🙂

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