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Someone sent me a link to this site offering free ipods. What’s the catch, you ask? Simply complete one of their “offers”, which include things like requesting an AOL CD in the mail or opening a trial membership on some websites (like Then send the link to five of your friends. Once your five friends have completed their offers, they will ship you the iPod of your choice. Interesting deal. Sounds like a scam at first, but this same place has been around for a while, giving away various other products to get you to sign up with an advertiser.

With the pay for placement market what it is, it doesn’t surprise me to see an advertiser pay top dollar to this company in order to get a sign-up. Let’s do the math:

If an advertiser pays $50 for a sign-up, and in order to get a free iPod, you and 5 friends must sign-up, that’s $300. What’s a mini-iPod go for these days? About $250. That’s a net profit of $50 per person that they make, and I get a free iPod out of it. Interesting business model. Now let’s see if I can get the last two completions I need to get my silver mini-iPod.

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my five offers (but click on the links above to help my wonderful wife Dena get hers. Other people are reporting receiving their iPods and are quite happy with the results.

Update #2:
I found a little package on my front porch after work today.

packing slip
This packing slip sure looks interesting….


Free iPod

My free iPod has arrived, proof to the naysayers that claimed the was a scam.

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