I’m still getting used to working at home, for myself. It’s really nice to be able to set my own hours. I find myself working harder now than ever before but I’m also able to make the time to do quality things; taking walks, playing in the park with the dog, having lunch with Dena.

Time management has never been my strong suit but I’m definitely getting better at it. Time is money, especially now, so the better I manage my available time the more work I can do, the more hours I can bill, and the better the payout. It also means that I’ve been able to fit in time for other things that I’ve been struggling to make time for: writing.

I’m getting back into the writing groove. I’ve started carrying around my journal where I jot down thoughts, ideas, and observations that might be interesting. I also found two useful services tonight: The Writer’s Database, a submission tracker and market database, and The Writer’s Hat, an idea-generating exercise. I’ll going to my writers group this week — the first time in a year. God I’ve missed that.

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