Bound for San Francisco

I’ll be going to San Francisco for Linux World Expo next month, immediately followed by Ubucon. If anyone wants to get together, I’ll be flying in on Monday, August 14th, and leaving the following Sunday night.

This will be my first trip to Linux World. I’m excited to hang out with the Gnome guys and try to suck up some of their knowledge. I’m particularly interested in looking at the virtualization demo and HPC clustering. I have some particular applications where they may come in handy.

I’m still not sure what will happen with Ubucon. We have space at Google headquarters for two days of conferences, but there is no clearly defined schedule yet. Hopefully that will be sorted out in the next week or two. Jorge has been talking about organizing content the way we’ve done for Penguicon the past couple years. If that’s the case, I’ll end up speaking for at least one panel (so hurry up and decide so I have time to prepare).

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2 thoughts on “Bound for San Francisco

  1. Awesome! Hope you can also attend the Linux Picnix – hundreds of Silicon Valley geeks getting together in one place, all at the same time, to eat, drink, and be merry.

    Beyond manning the Ubuntu booth Tues. and Weds. mornings, I’ll probably be one of the poor souls on stage at the “Golden Penguin Bowl”, as well as speaking at UbuCon on Friday, and holding the Silicon Valley Linux User Group’s monthly installfest AT the Linux Picnic on Saturday.

    So… next week’s going to be VERY busy for me. Hope to see you around!

    -Paul Reiber

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