Not again…

It looks like another file system bites the dust, this time on my laptop.

Jorge and I were talking about our upcoming trip to San Francisco for Linux World and Ubucon today. We touched on the subject of some of the cool things coming down from the Ubuntu guys, so I decided to upgrade my laptop to Edgy — the current development branch of Ubuntu, aka Dapper + 1. That upgrade went fairly smooth (more on that later). When I went to install the kernel headers, I ran into some weird issue with a file being extracted being turned into a directory, which killed the install. I did some poking around, and started getting the dreaded “XFS internal error”.

Panic ensued. No errors in syslog, no kernel oops, but I’m nervous. I risk a reboot, and the directory that was a file was now a file again. So, I think maybe it was a fluke and try again. Same thing happens. So now I sit, watching reruns of CSI on Spike TV and waiting for my data to backup.

I wasn’t exactly planning to reinstall, but this install was an old upgrade from Hoary. I still don’t know for sure if this was simply more problems with XFS or an actual defect of the hard drive. To play it safe I’ll reinstall with ext3, and have a current backup of my code.

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