Nine Days Until Clarion Deadline

I’ve been thinking about Clarion for nearly five years now. Every year I have talked myself out of applying due to the difficulty of getting the time off of work. I tell myself that next year will be a better time to apply.

After giving it a lot of thought and talkign to my friend shweta from AbsoluteWrite, who’s already been accepted for the class of 2007, I have decided to get my application in and worry about the logistics if I get approved.

The application requires two short stories between 2,500 and 6,000 words. I only have one recent story that falls into that range that is representative of my current writing abilities. That gives me nine days, between now and April 1st, to write a second story and edit both of them up so that they represent the best work I’m currently capable of.

I still need to maintain my work load but as long as I don’t procrastinate and waste time there is no reason I can’t make the deadline. The added bonus is that April 1st is also the deadline for the workshop at Penguicon.

As a matter of accountability, I’m going to post daily updates. If you see me miss an update, feel free to send me angry emails and tell me to stop being a slacker.

Last night I typed up all of the notes I had about the new story and tonight I write a 700 word outline.

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4 thoughts on “Nine Days Until Clarion Deadline

  1. Excellent! It’s about time we had another Clarionite in the group.

    Remember that it’s more important that your story be imaginative than that it be polished. Take some risks; don’t sweat the fine points.

    Best of luck. Your odds are better than you may think.


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