Eight Days

Another day off the calendar, another day closer to the April 1st deadline. I didn’t get any work done on the new story. There were too many work issues today and I’m too tired to do anything productive now. Going to get some sleep and make day seven a productive one. I should be able to finish a complete draft by the end of the weekend, giving me a full five days to tighten up both stories.

I’m gathering some statistics to torture myself with once my application is submitted. There are only 18 people are accepted into Clarion. At least one person has already received an early acceptance. If I can find out the average number of applicants per year I could figure out the statistics at being accepted. The wait for the phone call acceptance or snail mail rejection will be painful either way but this way I’ll keep my mind occupied.

1 thought on “Eight Days

  1. Things vary from year to year of course, but your chances may be as low as one in five. Not a lot of people can make the commitment to six weeks off. But don’t worry about that; focus on your submission stories. If the judges like what they see, you’re a shoe-in.


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